Alex Lan

Over seven years of experience specializing in blockchain and big data, co-founder of OneLedger Blockchain, former Engineer at Amazon, MindGeek, and Bitspawn. Recipient of three master’s degrees.

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My biography

Alex has over seven years of experience in the field of blockchain and big data. He is the co-founder of OneLedger Blockchain, where he completed the OneLedger mainnet as well as the cross-chain protocol of Ethernet, Bitcoin, and OneLedger. As a former Business Intelligence Engineer at the Beijing campus of Amazon; Data Engineer at Montreal-based MindGeek; and a Senior Advisor at OneLedger, Alex brings deep blockchain expertise to Stratos.

Recipient of three master’s degrees, Alex holds a Master of Engineering from École Centrale de Pékin in France, a Master of Engineering, Information and Telecommunication Engineering from China’s Beihang University, and a Master of Computer Science from Western University in Canada.