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Decentralized Data Mesh

Data Mesh

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Data Mesh

The first decentralized data architecture that provides scalable, reliable, self-balanced storage, database and computation network and offers a solid foundation for data processing.


Stratos decentralized storage network is a scalable, reliable, self-balancing elastic acceleration network driven by data traffic. It accesses data efficiently and safely. The user has the full flexibility to store any data regardless of the size and type.


Stratos decentralized database is a scalable, high-availability, non-schema, non-maintenance, no single point failure database. With Stratos blockchain, the database also offers an immutable feature which could power Oracle and data aggregation for any blockchain project.


Stratos decentralized computing network is a perfect edge computing network which offers low latency and a Trusted Execution Environment(TEE) by your neighbourhood. Edge computing aims to make our lives smarter and easier.


Stratos Blockchain is a Value Network that facilitates all decentralized ledger transactions and functionalities where the value circulation of the Stratos Ecosystem is guaranteed for all stakeholders.

First Iteration

Power your data with Stratos CDN Network for better availability and efficient delivery. Save your precious files on Stratos Decentralized Storage Network, enabling accelerated access globally. More and more innovative and imaginative decentralized applications will arrive in the stratosphere, building into a single directory of all the data led services you will ever need.

Self-driven acceleration network

Automatically balancing the data allocation, driven by regional demand, brings the data closer to the user removing latency and improving performance. No more configuration and analysis is needed for operation.

Auto-cleanup network

Automatically clean up replicas on the network when demand decreases, reducing the consumption of network storage while guaranteeing data availability by defaulting to minimum copies.

Resilient and
self-balanced network

Benefiting from Peer-to-Peer communication of edging nodes, satisfying the traffic demand within closer geographic regions without affecting the backbone network

Strategic Investors 

Road To Stratos Mainnet

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